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Glass Pipe – Pipes of the day!

Glass Pipe Special

If you are looking for the perfect cheap yet durable glass pipe then we have an offer for you.

This pipe is made out of borosilicate glass and is fumed with siliver, so the more you smoke out of it the more exciting the colors get. It comes with two silicone bowl savers(save-a-bowls) to secure your goods, and three cleaning plugs to make cleaning a breeze. You can buy it from our shop on Etsy here.

Borosilicate Glass Pipe, Silicone Bowl Wrap, Cleaning Plug Combo on Etsy
Image: Pipe with Save-A-Bowl on

We will continually update this page with new glass pipes from Etsy, so if you don’t like this particular one be sure bookmark this page and check back often for new deals.

Why Glass Pipes?

Glass is the most stable and no-toxic smoking medium that exists, which is why we will only recommend these types of pipes to you.

Are the Silicone bowl covers safe though?

Yes, they are safe as long as they are not being directly heated with a lighter. The flame of a lighter can reach over 1,000 degrees and most silicone can’t even come close to withstanding that kind of temperature, so you may want to stay away from silicone pipes even thought they have glass inserts.

Special #2

This Borosilicate pipe is also silver fumed so it will change colors the more you smoke out of it. It also come with one Save-A-Bowl, and three cleaning plugs that make cleaning simple. Buy Here.

Image: Color changing glass pipe, save-a-bowl, and cleaning plugs on Etsy