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Delta 8 FAQs – What you need to know

Delta 8 FAQs - What you need to know

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a close relative to Delta 9 which is the chemical compound found in cannabis that is recognized for it’s intoxicating properties that most people refer to as a “high”.

Does Delta 8 get you high?

D-8 does effect the endocrine system, however, most people will respond differently to it. Some describe the effects as a “light high”, while others may notice a type of distraction that essentially makes you forget about the pain your body may be experiencing. The only real way to know if it will get you high is to try it.

How high will get you?

Not very high. If you have ever smoke ditch weed – that’s typically about as high as you will get, although as companies essentially have the ability to extract and concentrate the Delta 8 compound it is very possible to get large doses that will get you higher. If you have never smoked ditch weed, think about the high as being more euphoric and short lived, but don’t go find ditch weed to try because you’ll end up with a headache.

Is Delta 8 legal?

Kind of. It technically is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill that allows for the sale and use of hemp. The only compound explicitly banned is Delta-9 THC, however there are two caveats to think about:

  1. Is the compound being extracted from hemp plants only?
  2. Is the way the cannabinoid processed considered a natural derivative?

If the D-8 is extracted from cannabis plants then it is illegal to sell and use under Federal Laws. If the way it is processed can be considered man made(un-natural), then under the Synthetic Drug Abuse Act or similar laws.

Note: D8 is available naturally in such a small quantity that chemists actually use a chemical process to convert other cannabinoids into Delta-8. For this reason it will likely be considered illegal in most cases.

Is it legal to buy?

Delta 8 may be legal to purchase depending on how it’s processed and where it comes from. Check with local or Federal Law enforcement before purchasing.

Is it legal to sell Delta 8?

This again depends on how it is processed, You may want to consult a Lawyer first.

Should I try Delta 8?

Why? There are plenty of other legal “highs” that cost less. If you really want the effect of cannabis you should help legalize it! First move to a State where it is legal, then call you former state representatives and let them know why you left your state, and finally vote.

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Marijuana Subscription Box Service

Image: Marijuana Subscription Box Service - Nugg Club
Image – Nugg Club Logo

Marijuana Subscription Box Service Rising Up

If you live in California, love subscription boxes and deals, then you are in luck because the first Marijuana Subscription Box service is here.

A company in California named Nugg Club has started a new subscription box service that not only delivers marijuana directly to subscribers but is claims to do so at a discounted rate. In fact they claim that as a subscriber you will receive a $225 value for $99 + CA tax.

If you have ever ordered a subscription box before, you have likely been disappointed by the curated products delivered to your door, but fear NOT – Nugg Club offers you the ability to cancel at any time and only selects the top 3% of the highest peer reviewed cannabis products their vendors have to offer. You can also skip a box whenever you want, so there is no pressure to consume at an uncomfortable rate if you still have a bunch of product left over, and no need to continue paying monthly if you are satisfied with the service.

Now, if you are more of the type of person who likes to see what you get before you buy, you might still want to give this service a try at least once considering you can cancel at any time. If Nugg Club’s words ring true, not only do you get a killer deal on pricing, you will also save on taxes which are quite hefty in California. According to their marketing page, they make it seem as thought $24 Premium Organic Eighths are possible with an add on feature.

After your first box, access add-on products for 40-60% off retail pricing. Premium organic eighths for $24? Yes, please!

If you can indeed pick up an eighth once of premium grade organic cannabis for $24 + tax, that is a bargain for sure!

Unfortunately I don’t live in California, or in a State where delivery of marijuana is possible yet, but if this subscription box was available in my jurisdiction I would give it a shot. This would be an especially useful service now that covid-19 rules are making shopping experiences not so nice!


Premium highly rated cannabis, Discount Prices, Delivery Included – The new marijuana subscription box service is starting off on the right foot. How I envy Californians!

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